A very beneficial service I like to offer all my buyer clients before I start showing them properties, or vacant land is a Buyer Discovery chat! A candid conversation that helps me to understand what your needs and wants are and determine if you are positioned to start looking! This conversation is critical first step, as it allows me to navigate what happens next! Schedule showings or provide you with a few resources to get you going on your path to homeownership!

Yes, there are many tools out there that offer you a mortgage approval within 24hrs. That does not mean you are truly qualified to buy! There are so many more factors that must be determined before one should start looking.

The average person will buy one or maybe two homes in a lifetime! Make sure you are fully informed and well versed in the purchasing process. Every transaction is different and unique to you!

How much can I afford? Should I buy new or resale? How much should I offer on this house? What is a sign back? What happens after I submit an offer? How much of a down payment do I need? Where should I shop for a mortgage? What are closing cost? Is HST included in the purchase price? What is land transfer tax? How do I pay you? Are just a few questions that may arise. I will walk you through the entire buying process, from when you first start looking to closing day!

There have been instances when a buyer finds the house of their dreams and wants to put an offer in or is successful with the offer, only to have it fall through due to not being fully prepared and approved! Our early consultation will help avoid many of the little surprises along the way and help you be more successful in finding your perfect home.

A little pre-planning goes a long way! A phone conversation, one on one virtual chat, or even just a few quick text messages back and forth will get us started!

Please submit a request to chat or provide me with a brief overview of your situation and I will contact you as quickly as possible.

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Tara Dibranou serves clients across The Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough County, Haliburton County and the surrounding areas.

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