A Home Evaluation is the process in which a Realtor® compiles data comparing your property to similar properties in the marketplace to establish an opinion of value. When considering value, a Comparative Market Analysis will determine the ideal selling price of your home. Looking at similar homes that are currently for sale will help to ensure we are not underpricing your home. Looking at homes that were recently sold will help us determine how the market has valued homes that are like yours. Looking at homes that failed to sell will help to avoid pricing at a level that would not attract a buyer.

The aim of this process is to be able to sell your home within a relatively short period of time at the maximum selling price.

Further to this, the evaluated price does not necessarily establish the listing price. What we list your home for will be established in within a marketing plan.

In Person- Home Evaluation

Fill out the information below and I will provide you with a follow-up call as quickly as I can.

Virtual Home Evaluation

A service that provides sellers the opportunity to have their property evaluated remotely. This will be achieved by using a variety of tools and techniques provided by me, in collaboration with you. Below I have listed a general overview of what we need to do to achieve a Virtual Home Evaluation. The process may vary based on individual client resources.

Step 1- Complete detailed property information sheet.

This sheet is provided to you upon your request to have a virtual Home Evaluation. This must be completed at your earliest convenience. Confirmation will be sent once I have received it.

Step 2- Remotely view the property

You the homeowner have a choice as to how we will achieve a remote viewing of your home.

A. We can schedule a Video conference on your preferred platform, and you can walk me through.


B. You the homeowner can provide pictures or a pre-recorded video of your home. Completed content can be sent to me via a file transfer service.

Step 3- Exterior view of the home

Step 4- Complete a Comparative Market Analysis

Step 5- Review the evaluation.

This can be done, via video conference call, one on one phone call.

This convenient collaborative service can be completed within a 24-hr period. A digital copy of the Virtual Home Evaluation will be sent to you for your convenience.

In Person/Virtual Home Evaluation

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